Victory for The RAF Vulcans

The first home game of 2017 saw The RAF Vulcans take a hard fought 10 – 7 victory from the Nottingham Knights. ┬áCongratulations to Vulcans’ #19, Lee Cope, on Man of the Match.2Y9A6197kk25s2Y9A6236kk25s2Y9A6238kk25s2Y9A6247kk25s2Y9A6334kk25s2Y9A6335kk25s2Y9A6368kk25s2Y9A6374kk25s2Y9A6386kk25s2Y9A6390kk25s2Y9A6419kk25s2Y9A6467kk25s2Y9A6502kk25s2Y9A65232Y9A6546kk25s2Y9A6575kk25s2Y9A6589kk25s2Y9A6628kk25s2Y9A6630IMG_4631kk25s

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