Ladies, there are many reasons for booking a luxury boudoir makeover photoshoot, but whatever your motivation, you can guarantee it will be the best gift you will ever give yourself…’A gift like no other’. It really is the ultimate gift of ‘self love’; confidence building, empowering and uplifting.

Beautiful client, Mrs S arrived at my studio feeling a little nervous and apprehensive and left like a different woman…full Goddess transformation!! She has kindly allowed me to share some of her fabulous images, here’s what she had to say about her ‘Boudoir Experience’ with myself and my incredibly talented hair and makeup team, Ladylovelea Hair and Makeup by Lyndsay.

“I’ve never really been particularly confident about the way I look; I look back at photos of me in my 20’s and wish I’d been a bit kinder to myself and had more confidence.

Recently, I’ve been working really hard to get fitter and stronger, my body has changed and I have so much more respect for the amazing things it’s done and continues to do. I’m 43 and I feel younger, stronger and have more energy than I did at 33. So I wanted to capture this feeling in some pictures to look back on when I’m much much older.

Lea did my hair and then Lyndsay did my makeup! When I looked in the mirror after I was all made up I felt incredible! I’d just asked them to make me look like me, but on a really really good day!! I think it’s fair to say they smashed it! 

Thank you Trish, for looking after me so well on the day, I was so nervous but you made me feel like a movie star! I’m so proud of these photos and shall treasure them forever!” 

If Mrs S has inspired you and you would like to book your own boudoir makeover photoshoot, please get in touch for a chat You can also check out my packages here

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