Love that stood the test of time …. a beautiful engagement shoot

Kathi and Steve’s love story could rival the plot of any Hollywood movie, proof that dreams and happy endings really do come true.

I was so thrilled when they asked me to photograph their wedding and we had so much fun doing their engagement shoot at the Tiffey in Wymondham.  The golden light was amazing, the chemistry between these two was electric and we had a beautiful sunset to finish off the shoot….just perfect!


Our ‘Love Story’

“Both Steve and myself met at middle school when we were 9 years old . We became instant friends and always took the time to muck about together and to talk to each other, to have a laugh with and to carry my bag on the way home from school as we lived very near to each other!

Little did we know, that 35 years after meeting, we would become married. Or did we? I have a letter or a pact if you like, from when we were 16 years old, that we would meet up when we were 30, and if we were single, we would marry!!! Unbeknown to us, we were 14 years late, but as the saying goes ‘better late than never’.

Steve served in the Royal Navy, and on a few occasions, we wrote to each other, I always kept his letters, but mine unfortunately got lost, as Steve had to move ships quite frequently and we eventually lost touch.

We met up again years later (via Facebook – he requested me as a friend!), and once we met, it was as if time had slipped away, and there we were, reminiscing about old times, and our love was re-ignited once again. Steve still had his cheeky smile and sparkly blue eyes and similar sense of humour/outlook on life. I was hooked. I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I have found my soul mate, my partner in crime, my sailor.”



To book your Wedding Story or Love Story, either send me an email or give me a call on 01953 603960 – I would love to hear from you.


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